To those of you who have been praying for Mercy Home… THANK YOU. There is no doubt in my mind that God’s mighty hand is on this home.

To those of you who have given toward these children… THANK YOU. Our God is faithful, and He is provider.

Collectively, enough money has been raised to cover the remaining school fees for ALL THE CHILDREN at Mercy Home, and we have surplus to meet their basic necessities for the next THREE MONTHS… God is GOOD!!! Through Robert’s help, we have put together a budget that comes to about $400 per month, and covers just what the kids need. It includes food, firewood for cooking, soap for cleaning, a paid staff member to be there 24/7, and some reserve for medical needs. Obviously, this is a bare bones budget for keeping an orphanage afloat, but this is just a temporary solution to keep these kids alive and healthy until new leadership comes in.

Another point of prayer (and this is really crucial for these childrens’ futures) is for competent, Christ-centered leadership to eventually take over. The former leadership operated under the guise of being a “Christian” organization… Even one of the former board members is a Pastor… What has transpired in this place is the antithesis of the life Christ calls us to. The tricky thing with bringing in new leadership is that the old board of directors still has all LEGAL authority. It’s absolutely not right, and this needs to change. PLEASE, PLEASE pray that this board would be disbanded immediately so that new permanent leadership can take over and start rebuilding this place brick by brick. Let the People of God rise up and fight for these kids’ lives, their futures, and their eternal destinies.

I feel so inadequate, so humbled by all of this. That God would cross my path with these amazing children. If God can use me in a situation like this, God can use you too… God desires to accomplish His work through us. All we have to do is step out.

I encourage you to not be afraid of stepping out today…


6 Responses to “MERCY HOME – GOD IS PROVIDER!”

  1. So encouraging to hear of God’s mighty hand at work there at Mercy Home. We will continue praying for these children. My specific prayer is that God would dissolve the current board & restructure the leadership in order that this organization might once again live up to it’s name – “Mercy Home!” Can’t tell you how thrilled i am to hear of God’s faithfulness in providing the needed funding! I am not surprised…but it’s always a blessing to see God race to the aid of His little ones that He cares for so greatly! Thanks for going & serving & loving. Take lots of pictures so we can experience in a small way what you are living! Love you bro!

  2. This is really encouraging to hear how God has provided bro. Thats really cool. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. Praying for you.

  3. Elotu Joseph Says:

    I am so moved by the story of these innocent children being left in the caring hands of no body. I work with an organisation that focusses on OVCs though our first line of intervention is to support children while they live with their immediate relatives.

    I am interested in visiting this home and see if there is anything we can do and also get more specific information. Our response for now could be providing food. Is there anybody here in Uganda I can contact?

  4. Bobby McDonald Says:

    What an inspiring story of faith, love, and compassion. Through Christ all things are possible. I’ll be praying for you Josh. Thanks for making the time to keep up with this blog, and mike couldn’t have said it better . . . this is really really cool. Love ya man.

  5. Josh, I knew the Lord was speaking me to bring you to Mercy Home, I am thankful for this confirmation. I’m following everything you are doing there and know you are a blessing to these children and Robert, and also they will be to you and you will never be the same, as I was never the same after meeting them. Thank you for your obedience and compassion. I can’t wait to talk to you when you come home. God bless you for your love of the least of these…

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