Update on MERCY HOME

As far as the kids’ school fees, I’ve got encouraging news! A donation has been approved with the East African Development Bank for $900. We even dropped off fees for 10 of the girls today! And with other gifts that have come in, that puts us even closer to covering all the fees. Praise God!!

Obviously, basics like food, firewood, and soap will be a continuing need. Also, their FILLED TO THE BRIM septic tank needs to be emptied or at least partially drained. This will cost about $150. Pretty gross, but very needed. So, from the money that is raised for school fees, all excess will go DIRECTLY to these other areas of need. And we’re talking BASIC areas of need… FOOD and TOILET. So please if you feel led to give, please continue to give! These kids need to be fought for. And we can have a huge impact here…

Robert, the guy through whom I found out about all of this, has been keeping these kids alive out of his own pocket. He already runs another orphanage, and realistically can’t keep things going like this for long. So, please pray that God would provide for Mercy Home!

All in all, restoring this home and these children will take more than just food and firewood. It will take more than just getting them into a better state of living. They need the love of our Savior right now. Nothing can heal these hearts faster than love. Nothing can bring hope like love can. The love of our God who knows and values each and every one of them. These kids are so sweet. So innocent. All they need is a chance to live.

I’m thinking and praying about staying in Entebbe longer than I had initially planned to continue to help out with Mercy Home… I will keep you all updated!


2 Responses to “Update on MERCY HOME”

  1. Justin Tucker Says:

    Man, I know we hoped God would put you in a place where you could meet those physical needs but also share the love of Christ. I think God put you in an amazing place to do just that. Proud of you walking in faith

  2. Prayed for you last night at Small Group! Praying you have strength, wisdom, & influence with the kids & that God continues to open doors as you seek to serve them & share the gospel. Let me know if there is anything more specific we can do to help.

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