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I recently read a book about viewing your life as a story. What kind of story are you living? It was a really good book, and it got me thinking. You could say this post is the culmination of my thoughts about story combined with the convictions I’ve had ever since I returned from Uganda. I want to share it with you.

Stories. Whether we know it or not, our lives are saturated with stories. Some good, some not. Everyone has a story. People read stories. We watch them on little glowing screens in our living rooms. We even come up with stories in our heads about what we want our lives to look like years from now. And years from now, as we look back on our lives we will have written a story. Some stories are good. Some are not. The truth is we are driven by stories, and when we see a majestic one unfold before our eyes, something cries out from within us that wants to be a part of something great. Our souls resonate with greatness. Sadly, for most people here in America that greatness is viewed on a giant screen and we’re filling our face with popcorn in the front row. And when we walk out the door, and into our own lives, greatness is nowhere to be found.

What if someone gave you two options? One: Sit on your couch and watch a documentary about a team of climbers who summit Mount Everest. Or two: Climb Mount Everest for yourself. Which would you choose? One would be easy, but not that rewarding. The other would be extremely rewarding, but probably the hardest thing you’ve ever done in your life. Maybe you’re just not that into mountains. Pick something you’re passionate about. Cooking. Sports. Whatever. Would you rather watch something great unfold, or actually be the greatness that unfolds? It seems like a no-brainer right? Everyone wants to be a part of a great story. But there’s one problem. A great story always involves tremendous risk. For the most part, we’re too afraid to take the risks necessary to live great stories with our lives.  Sadly, we will often opt out for the less meaningful, forgettable story line because we don’t want to count the cost of living a better story. Here in America, there’s never a shortage of stories. We just live vicariously through the glow of television screens, and in the pews of movie theaters. We cheer loudly as artificial battles rage between our favorite sports teams. All the while, we miss out on living the real stories and fighting the real battles God is calling us to. Stories where we interact with God and people and have an impact on eternity. I wonder where our hunger for life went. True life. I feel like we’re trying to fill our stomachs with scraps at the table of this world, instead of eating our fill at the table of God.

It’s extremely easy to fall victim to a kind of spiritual short sidedness here in America. We spend much of our lives inundated at the I.V. of a Godless culture. A culture of materialism, idolatry, and greed. Honestly, the culture around us wants us to waste our lives. Sadly, we either don’t realize it or we don’t care. At least not until it’s too late. We have to keep the end goal in mind. Is this our home or not? Do we actually believe in a King who gives a Kingdom that is eternal and not of this world? If so, our lives should reflect that in radical ways. If our lives don’t reflect it, then we have to ask ourselves whether we really believe what we say we believe. One of my favorite passages in the Bible is in Matthew 13. Jesus is teaching a parable about the Kingdom of God. He says it is like a treasure hidden in a field, and when a man found it, he went with joy in his heart and sold everything he had to buy that field. My prayer is that God would show us that field, and with joy in our hearts we would give our lives away. To forsake the mediocre story line we’re living right now, and live for an eternal story that God is writing as He redeems this broken world. I’m afraid for some of us, because at the end of our lives we will have wasted them. And as we stand in the radiant Glory of the God who bought our souls at the costly price of His precious Son, He’ll quietly draw our attention to the cries of millions of orphans and widows who lived and died as we turned a deaf ear. He’ll point to the 4.5 billion people on the earth who were on a road to an eternal hell whom we did not concern ourselves with. He’ll flip through the pictures of thousands and thousands of children who died every day of our lives from starvation or preventable disease. And with tears in His eyes He won’t even have to say a word. At that point we won’t have much to talk about. Our lives were simply boring. My friends, we were meant to live epic stories with our lives.

I feel like we squander our time flipping through picture books instead of writing our chapter in the epic novel of God. A story of setting captives free, of bringing justice to the poor and the needy, of advancing a kingdom of hope into a dark and battered world. We’ve become too comfortable living mediocre lives filled with meaningless stories. I want us to live great stories with our lives. Stories of risk and reward. Stories of ordinary people who gave their lives away, and changed the world because of it. I want us to write chapters and chapters into the eternal novel of our beautiful Savior. In the end, His story is the only one we’ll remember. The question at that point will be, how did we write our lives into HIS story?