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Last week in Africa

Posted in Uncategorized on April 9, 2010 by joshbronleewe

Well, I made it back to Nashville safe and sound, and I’m beginning to re-adjust to life here. It’s a hard process – jet lag, culture shock, all the white people everywhere, etc… Trying to re-enter life before Africa is kind of like trying to remember a dream. Kinda fuzzy… details are blurry… but I generally remember what’s going on. I’m a different person than I was before, and I want my life to reflect everything I’ve experienced. I think that’s going to take a while… and in the mean time, when people ask me “How was Uganda?” I’ll have to give them a short answer like “GREAT!” when what I really want to do is sit down and write them a book. So, as clarity comes, I’m certain I’ll have more to share with you all… but for now, let me re-cap my last week in Africa.

Last week I was in Jinja hanging out with Katie Davis and Amazima Ministries. Like I mentioned before, Katie started Amazima from the ground up and now they have multiple feeding programs, a school sponsorship program, a sustainable income program, and minor healthcare. But it’s so much more than just programs. It’s grass roots. It’s relational. It’s God’s kingdom at hand. If you don’t know Katie’s story, you can check it out here. I was so blessed to be in such great company for a week, and I was able to experience life through the eyes of someone who has given everything they have to caring for the “least of these”. For Katie and the Amazima staff, this isn’t just a hobby, or something they do on the weekends. It’s not just humanitarian work, or philanthropy. It’s not a missions trip, or a church event. It’s their LIFE. They live and breathe this stuff. It was an incredibly humbling week… and I loved every minute of it. I’ve gotta say that my favorite part was hanging out with Katie’s girls. She has 14 girls, all adopted, and all have their own unique story of how they came to be a part of Katie’s family. One of them, the youngest, is named Patricia. For Patricia, the first year of her life was spent being neglected and abused by her mother, who didn’t care for her whatsoever. Katie found Patricia in a dumpster, severely mal-nurished and with cigarette burns on her body. Patricia is now a healthy, thriving 18-month old with a smile that could melt a heart of stone. Katie saved her life. Literally. And as I sat there holding that beautiful little girl who wouldn’t be alive if Katie hadn’t come along, I wondered what my life could look like if I decided to live out the teachings of Jesus in a radical way. Not just on the weekends. Not just for a church event. Not just on a missions trip. But with my entire life. When’s the last time I literally saved someone’s life? Can’t say I’ve ever done that. But the real question is WHY NOT? What could MY life look like if I truly took Jesus’ words to heart? What could YOUR life look like? What if we began to live for more than a promotion at work, or a bigger house, or all this STUFF. What if we lived for a greater story, one that God is writing all around us EVERY DAY. Everyone’s story is not going to look exactly like Katie’s, but each of our stories could be just as fulfilling and life-bringing. We just have to be willing… willing to take a chance that the things we’re holding onto right now pale in comparison to the things God has in store for us. To LET GO. To not look back. To take that first step with our eyes fixed on Jesus, and to let our hands and feet move with His love.

I’m on a journey to give my life away. I’m learning more and more everyday what that looks like. My time in Uganda was a huge milestone in that journey, and I thank God for the opportunity He gave me. I pray He will provide for me to go back someday. I pray He will move my heart to live differently not just in the future, but NOW.

The truth is, we’re all on a journey. I want to challenge you to look ahead. Where are you going?