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So after a full day of bus rides clear accross Uganda, I arrived in Jinja. Highlight of the trip – some guy hurling his guts out the window directly in front of me. Luckily, I escaped with minor puke spatters. Along with a tire blow out and rain-induced mud sliding, the trip was interesting to say the least… A few others from the team made the treck out here with me to spend a day in Jinja and then head back to Kampala. It was good to spend the first day in an unfamiliar town with friends. After they headed back I was able to connect with Katie Davis, the founder of a really amazing non-profit out here called Amazima Ministries International. I sponsored a little girl through Amazima in Januaray, and yesterday I was able to meet her face to face for the first time. It was absolutely incredible. To see the joy in her eyes and be able to give her a great big hug and show her how much she is loved and valued – more than I can put into words. I thought back to the morning in December I woke up, felt a burden straight from God’s heart, and wept because of it. And after the tears had dried, I wasn’t the same. A fire burned deep in my heart to do something about it. What? I had no idea at the time. But God has gone before me and carried me every step of the way. He has brought me to this place, and I am overjoyed to be here. And yesterday as I sat beside a little girl here in Jinja Uganda, thousands of miles from where I started my journey, my heart was full. God is so good. I will spend my last week in Uganda with Katie Davis and the Amazima folks loving on kids… stay tuned!!!


Last day in Kaihura

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Well, this is my last day in Kaihura. I’ll be leaving tomorrow for Jinja. Leaving will be very bittersweet. I’ve really connected with this place and the people here, and everything God is doing in this community. But, I know God has great things in store for me in Jinja… and I can’t wait.

This week has had it’s ups and downs. Right when I thought we would be able to finish the well by the end of the week, God let me know He had other plans. The well project WILL be finished, just not when we wanted it to be finished. We’ve made HUGE progress on it, and I’m leaving in faith that the bricks we’ve laid will be built upon. That the saints here will rise up and complete the work we’ve started. And in the grace of our Savior, receive life giving water for the first time. It’s been so amazing to be a part of this, even if I’m unable to see it to completion. We are also leaving the playground about 90 percent complete. We were able to transport it from the metal shop to the orphanage yesterday and we will finish painting it today. We can already see the excitement beaming from the kids eyes, it’s like Christmas morning times 100. From here, swings will be attached and the slide will be welded on. And by the end of next week as I’m boarding a plane to Nashville, orphans will be playing on a new playground, and the words of James 1:27 will be lifted from the pages of my bible and manifest in the laughter of those children. “…to look after orphans and widows in their distress…” And as sounds of joy rise from an orphanage, an entire community will be reaping the benefits of a freshly dug well and will drink clean water for the first time. For the FIRST time….. And this is just beginning. There is so much more work to be done here, and I’m grateful to be a part of the story God is writing. God is SO good.

Next up, Jinja!

African Birthday, African Bug

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So a few days ago, I had my most memorable birthday celebration yet – I hung out with some local African wildlife at Queen Elizabeth National Park. We saw 8 lions, a dozen elephants, quite a few hippos, not to mention several herds of water buffalo and cobb (deer-like creatures). It made for a pretty unbelievable safari, and a perfect African birthday. About 3AM that night, I began the most memorable day after my birthday. Some fun creature decided in inhabit my stomach and stir up a ruckus… I’ve never been so sick in my life. I’m talking SICK. I couldn’t even hold down water, and what was coming out the other end resembled just that. NOT FUN. But just as quickly as it came, the African but left…

Concerning our progress here, we’re making great headway on the playground and the well, and God-willing, we’ll finish both by the end of the week before I head to Jinja. It will be so unbelievable to pump that first bit of clean water out of the ground, and provide such a life-bringing element to a community of people who has never had it. Aside from the 24 hours I spent with the African bug, I’ve loved every minute of my time here and am so grateful God has called me to be a part of all this. More soon! Stay tuned!!

A Playground, Soccer, and out of control Worshipers…

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Hello all! Doing great here in Kaihura! Sorry it’s been several days since my last update, internet here has been insanely unreliable. Right now it’s about lunch time, and we’re gonna grab some grub. This afternoon, we’re headed to a smaller village out in the bush called Kyongera to minister to people out there, and check up on the mosquito net project. Nets are SO important in preventing the needless spread of malaria out here. It’s cool how in giving nets to a family we’re able to show them how much we love and value them, and in turn show them the love of Christ. I’ve spent the past few evenings playing soccer with the boys down at the orphanage, which is a blessing and a curse. I’m in terrible shape which equals about 3 minutes of running after the ball, and the rest of the time waiting for the ball to roll my way so I can kick it. It’s been a riot though, the boys LOVE playing soccer with a “Muzungu” as I’m called here (white person), and while playing I can’t help but feel so grateful for being here so I can love on these kids. Kids who are eating up every ounce of love and attention I’m able to give them. I wish I had more time and energy so I could just keep giving it away. I feel so blessed. We’re nearing completion on the playground, which is HUGE. I’ve been able to grind and cut metal on the project, so it’s been fun getting my hands dirty. REALLY dirty. If there’s one thing I’ve learned so far, it’s that things move ALOT slower here. I mean A – LOT slower… We have not even been able to start digging at the well site yet. Hopefully we’ll get rocking on that in SOON…. I’ve  been able to lead worship several times out here, which has been unbelievable. Leading Ugandan’s in the worship of our Lord is such a cool picture of the Kingdom of God. Songs of praise being lifted up in two different languages, but in one spirit… it’s truly indescribable. Ugandan’s REALLY know how to worship! Church this past Sunday was OUT OF CONTROL… After leading the church in a few songs, I sang with the rest of the worship team (consisting of about 20 singing, dancing, out of control worshipers) and it was SO much fun! You don’t experience that every day…

Well, once again, thank you everyone for all your thoughts and prayers!! I’ll try to update you all again, sooner than later… STAY TUNED!!!
Check out some photos we’ve taken HERE

Hello from Kaihura!

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Hey everyone, we arrived in Kaihura late last night after a fun 5 hour bus ride from Kampala. Love it here. It’s beautiful, the people are so great, and I’m really looking forward to getting my hands dirty on Monday. Later this afternoon, we’re going to have a little pow-wow and plan out this next week as far as what we will try to accomplish. Items on the docket: love on orphans, dig a clean water well, build a play ground. Good thing I randomly know how to weld, I might be able to put that to good use building the playground!! Concerning the well… clean water is like GOLD here… even though I’ve been here less than a day, I’m already realizing how precious is it, and how HUGE it is that we will be funding and digging a well for this community. Internet is also a different beast here, and it will be unreliable. I will try to keep posting as much as I can and keep you all up on what we’re doing. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!

On my way to Uganda

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Conditions were treacherous. At least for a guy who grew up in Texas. A fresh blanket of snow and ice covered every inch of road between him and his warm home a few miles away in Nashville, TN. He was worried for his little junker Toyota Corolla with bad tires and built in slip ‘n slide capabilities. He shuddered as he envisioned doing an olympic style 360 straight into a ditch. This couldn’t happen. He HAD to get home.

Just minutes earlier, two retired nurses with dubious looking ID badges and syringes in their hands had shot him up with vaccinations for Hepatitis B and Typhoid Flu. He was on his way to Africa. At this make shift clinic in the bowels of a giant baptist church, he had run into another giant obstacle minutes before he had received his much needed shots. He had been running a fever of 101 and couldn’t be admitted into the clinic. He HAD to get these shots. TONIGHT. Realizing his dire circumstances, the nurse taking his temperature was less than forthcoming in reporting his fever as he slipped outside to “cool off”. He allowed the snow-filled air to envelop his body like a blanket as he prayed vehemently to God. “Lord, cool my fever down so I can get these shots!” What a crazy prayer, he thought to himself. It didn’t matter. He believed. He prayed it again. And again. And again. He walked inside with a 98.7 temperature and got his shots. The fever never came back, and he was one step closer to Africa.

His white Toyota Corolla was in full slip ‘n slide action as he fought to maneuver it out of the parking lot. “This isn’t going to be easy,” he growled under his breath. He sent up another silent prayer to the God who had just intervened for him minutes earlier. He believed. About an hour later he walked in his door with a sigh of relief and landed face down on his bed. “Thank you Jesus,” he mumbled into his pillow. Although a warm feeling of gratitude and relief pumped through his veins, he knew that the $121 he had just dropped on the needed vaccines had drained his bank account down to nearly nothing. He was running on fumes. He had seen God provide for him every step of the way on his journey to Africa, and he believed God would come through. His God was faithful. His God was PROVIDER.

His roommate walked in the door and dropped three envelopes on his desk. “You got some more support for Africa in the mail,” he said with a grin on his face. This was the same roommate who had weeks earlier cut him a generous check that had allowed him to buy his plane ticket. A rush of hope welled up inside him as he ripped open the envelopes to find 3 checks totaling $125. JUST enough to cover the cost of the shots, plus a little money for gas to and from the clinic. God had come through. Perfectly. Tears tried to push their way out of his eyes, but he fought hard to hold them in. God’s timing was impeccable. His provision was perfect. God gave him just what he needed, just when he needed it.

Proverbs 30:8 says this: “Keep falsehood and lies far from me; give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread.”

That night, God gave me my daily bread. That was about 3 weeks ago. Ever since I made the decision to follow God’s calling to go to Uganda, He has provided everything I’ve needed. I’ve been amazed at his faithfulness as He’s stirred in people’s hearts to give generously toward His purposes. If you’re reading this and have contributed toward my trip, I want to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I’m fully funded and ready to go thanks to you! Thank you for believing in a God that calls a 25 year old worship leader from Nashville, Tennessee to fly 8000 miles across an ocean to a country he’s never been, and care for people he’s never met. It sounds crazy, but we all know that’s why it can only be GOD. To care for orphans in their distress. To provide a poor community with clean drinking water. To give hope to the hopeless. And more importantly, to show love from a God who knows all languages, skin colors, and nationalities. I’m just loving my neighbors across the ocean who are in tremendous need.

I fly out in a week, and I can’t wait. Stay tuned…